Antique Door Knob Backplates

I dont care what people say, we just dont put the same amount of love and detail in the stuff we put into our homes these days. Everything feels so disposable and bland, perhaps the result of the “modern” and “minimalist” trend that took over this last decade. Straight lines and neutral tones….how boring! Who am I kidding, my loft was all about that, but more recently I’ve started taking a liking to some of the more ornate details of an older home. Thats something that attracted me to this property, it had so much charm.

So, last night I was surfing the net and found these antique door knob backplates for sale and I had to snatch them up. These would be awesome as some kind of artwork or if possible adding them onto some of my doors. I already have some on half my doors with skeleton keys in them. These are so great Im going to try to create some kind of wall art with them. Look at some of the detail work on these. So much character.

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4 Responses to Antique Door Knob Backplates

  1. Hollie says:

    I adore the white plates on the bottom. The raised print is gorgeous. Are you planning to restore them?

  2. James Prunean says:

    I plan on just using them for artwork somehow. Maybe line them up in a frame, or refinish some and use them on some of my doors.

  3. nicky says:

    Wow,great find!!! Love these!! Little details like this is what really makes a home so unique that no one will ever forget when they walk out of your home. I love how such little things can make such big statements!

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