Boat Wood Furniture

My friend Lori, who is a designer in Toronto told me about one of her clients Zenporium. Right now Lori has these great teakwood end tables that i fell in love with when I went over to her house. They were so unique but then I went over to the Zenporium site, they had boat wood furniture. AMAZING! And they go with my nautical themed ideas. Have a look below and love them with me. It would be great to set a bench on one side of the dinner table and then 2 chairs on the other side (would be a 4 person table probably). Or I can do just one regular wooden bench on one side and then two boat wood chairs on the other.

And here is a look at the teakwood end tables my friend Lori has. They are really unique and she put them together to create a one of a kind coffee table.

And here are a few other pieces I saw on their site that I loved as well.


This is one of those stores in Toronto I’m going to have to visit, and chances are my bank account is going to hate me for it.


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2 Responses to Boat Wood Furniture

  1. Kinga says:

    Oh James…loving the boat chairs…I love a bench at the dining table and those cubes are to die for. LOVE!

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