Details at Samuel St.

I wanted to post some more shots from the house that I took on my visit there for my walk through. Loved some of the stuff I missed when I went through it the first time.

I loved how spacious the front porch was. I actually hadn’t stepped out on it until today. It has so much room on it and im going to spend a lot of nights out there with friends.

This is the attic I hope to eventually turn into a master bedroom or studio.

Im so happy to find out that I have hardwood floors under the carpet!! Its going to be awesome to renovate and I love how crickity they are.

Heres the light fixture in its entirety. Its kind of cool and I love the mural in the bathroom, I wont keep it but I can appreciate it.

Theres this old sink in the basement I want to get refinished so I can use it in the bathroom upstairs. How awesome is it!?

And lastly, SKELETON KEYS. They are scattered about in the house and they are so cool. The front door has this key plus a million other locks on it haha. But I love that they have kept this detail in the house. Its probably an original from when it was built.


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  1. Heather says:

    Looks like a lot of fun James!

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