Faux Fireplace

Now that I have purchased that fireplace mantle, it looks like I have created a project for myself. I don’t have the funds for a full fireplace, but I would like to create a feature on one of my walls so a faux fireplace would work nicely. I’ve been looking at ideas as to what I can do with the fireplace. Let me know what you guys like.

I could use the fireplace as a splash of color in my living room, so painting it a fun color could work nicely. Also shelving isn’t a bad idea!

I like the use of chalk paint here. It would be kind of fun.

I could fill the middle with wood like this. I would build out a base and then line it with wood logs.

I like the use of the tree trunks here or I can just leave it as an accent in the room and have it act as artwork on its own. Let me know your thoughts!

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3 Responses to Faux Fireplace

  1. Hollie says:

    Love the mantel… if it were me, I would do the one with the shelves. Its cool, unconventional and practical. I also like the bright yellow background. It ads a dimenion to the peice. Originally, I was drawn to the stacked logs. They are gorgeous and uber hip, but can you imagine cleaning the dust from in between them? Would you really want to de-construct and re-construct the pile each time?

  2. James Prunean says:

    No I wouldnt!! Good point Hollie. I was also thinking maybe doing a mix? Half shelves, half wood? A thought.

  3. Kristen says:

    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing – the wood looks great for a photo shoot, but it doesn’t last forever. It sheds and degrades. Unless it could be coated and sealed with something, perhaps?

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