Front Porch and White Lights

I’m always looking for ways to spruce up the outside of my house. In my neighborhood there are a few houses with outdoor white lights and I was loving the way it looked. I have this great front porch on the house and I want to use it more. So I decided to add white lights to the ceiling to entice me to come outside more at night. Thought it looked great and wanted to share a photo.

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2 Responses to Front Porch and White Lights

  1. Dee Brun says:

    Hello Neighbour

    I LOVE your blog..just found it by total fluke..I live just around the corner from you on Stirling…Just wanted to say I walk by your house and have always comment on how cute it is…Hope the reno is going well


    • jprunean says:

      No way, hi neighbour! Thanks for the kind words :) I don’t have any curtains so its easy to see how well they are going. I still have a few projects that are half finished :) keep reading, im comin back and blogging on here more.

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