Front Porch Ideas?

Just drove by the place to take some shots of the porch. I need to think of ideas to do with it. If anyone has any tips for the porch that you think would help make it look better, let me know what you’re thinking. I’ll compile some ideas for it.

I do love these huge trees.

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2 Responses to Front Porch Ideas?

  1. Stoian says:

    Referencing the first image in the list, and rebuilding the porch as the base suggestion, I would then either:
    1) Extend the porch out more (approx. 5′ – 6′) toward the street and have it wrap to the right under the window (somewhat of a wrap-around)
    2) Construct another staircase in place of the porch border and build a stone sidewalk (perhaps like this one: ), lined with globe lights, leading to the road’s sidewalk.

  2. jprunean says:

    Thats actually really great idea. I like it.

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