Glass Hardware

One of the small things my place has that I loved was the glass knobs on the doors. This is very characteristic of houses from the 1920s and I’m assuming they are original from the looks of them. Some of the doors are missing them tho, so I will be visiting ebay real soon to purchase replacements for the doors that dont have them. Why have regular door knobs when you can have these beauties?

I also mentioned in a previous post that I wanted to have glass knobs on my Kitchen cabinets, so I took a trip to Home Depot just to see what kind of knobs they have available and I found a few I liked. Here they are:

Now, some of these are a little overboard… but I’m really liking the bottom left hand corner knob and its a reasonable cost too if I don’t have too many to buy. Its got just enough sparkle that it will catch you eye, but isn’t like you have a diamond ring on every door. The glass hardware on the doors will tip a hat to the glass door handles and create some consistency in the space.

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  1. nicky says:

    hehe its a all womens clothing store with a few awesome home products which is maybe why you never walked into it.

  2. Rebecca says:

    I bought new crystal knobs for my kitchen cabinets on etsy for waaaay cheaper than I could find at any store. You’ll also be able to find vintage ones , and probably more of your vintage door knobs too. Etsy is the best!

  3. Clare says:

    Would you please recommend a few less expensive stores to buy glass door knobs and the hardware.
    Thank you please email

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