House Plants

I doubt too many people see house plants as a trend for interiors. I personally have slowly seen the mass of them disappear from homes of people I know and interior design magazines have been bombarding us with modern clean lines and sterile feeling spaces free of any sign of life. Normally, thats the kind of space I used to gravitate to but now, with the purchase of my home on Samuel, my opinion of what is trendy is changing.

I’ve been one to run from house plants as well, I had a money tree in my loft and I slowly let it die but I’m thinking of giving the house plant another try. I really think the right plant in the room can make a statement and bring the room to life. They add warmth to a room and make your house feel relaxed and comfortable. So here are some directions I can go in with house plants.

Tall, Retro-Inspired -┬áTheres something I really love about the idea of a large plant that overhangs your furniture and something with huge leaves. These plants are awesome and make a statement in the space. Its almost as tho they command your attention. If anyone knows what they are called, let me know. I’d like to look into getting one.

Lots of Texture – These plants with tons of leaves are pretty cool. Against the white walls of the room, they pull in tons of texture into the room. I wouldnt mind doing somethign like the right image with plants all around the room. They kind of act as artwork and make the space feel so organic.

Modern and Mediterranean – There’s something about the spikes of these plants I love. They are there, and you know it because of the sharp spikes of the plants demand your attention. I also love the ideas of succulants. They rock and are more masculine. I could see myself using pots similar to the ones in the left hand image…oh and how wicked is that coffee table. I want.

Not Alive Plants – lol I don’t know what to call this style. But I like it. It’s kind of romantic and morbid while still being kind of modern. I know twigs were in style for so long, but I feel like this is a different twist on it. Bringing in whole trees that are dead, I don’t care who you are, thats pretty cool in my books. They shoot your eye right up to the ceilings and makes the room feel taller. Also, they dont take up too much visual space.

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7 Responses to House Plants

  1. Janette says:

    I think the ewe is definitely a winner James!

  2. Leah says:

    Just don’t get any cats.

  3. Leah says:

    Just saying cats and plants don’t co-exist. I’m not allowed any plants despite multiple tries.

  4. Heather says:

    He can always get a fake sheep like the one in the photo above (last goup I believe).

  5. mariajose garcia says:

    They are called Banjo Fig

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