A 1920 Bathroom Renovation

Hi guys, I haven’t been updating this blog because I actually had a bunch happen since my last post. First, I got married to a wonderful woman named Diana and then I moved to California where I bought yet another 1920′s home with her. We started doing some renovations and the first one was a complete remodel of our bathroom. I actually failed at taking some good before shots, but here is one the real estate agent posted.

Bathroom Before

This is after we took the wallpaper off and gave up and just gutted the bathroom.


And finally, this is what it ended up looking like.

1920's Bathroom Renovation After by James Prunean1920's Bathroom Renovation After - James PruneanIMG_0860

If you are wondering, those kick butt mirrors are from West Elm. By far my favorite thing we have in there next to the dope tiles from The Cement Shop.

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