My Faux Fireplace

The decision to create a faux fireplace came about pretty much in a split decision. A friend of mine Tanya had put one in her home and one day on a visit to the ReStore she stumbled across this piece tucked away in a corner of the store.


It was so cheap, only $65 dollars so she messaged me and I decided to go for it. It had a very clean almost nautical feel to it. I figured it would go well in my space.

Then one day I was doing a shoot at an old abandoned barn and stumbled across this piece and snatched it up.



It took a while for me to get started on it but eventually I ended up with this.


I deciced to create some extra shelving in the house. It’s now a great focal point in my living room. Let me know what you guys think!


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Typography in the Home

Something I think we are going to see more and more this year is the introduction of typography in the home and I’m not talking those tacky wooden words you can pick up at homesense…those will never be in style, but I am talking about cool prints from designers and old sign lettering you can pick up from your local antique market. I love the introduction of a letter here or there in the house and even full words to label areas.

typography_in_the_home1 typography_in_the_home3 typography_in_the_home2

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High-Gloss Paint Interiors

Here is something I would love to try in my house. Normally I paint my rooms in an eggshell finish and matte is always a nice finish to go with but now im thinking high gloss is looking really good. Stumbled across these images and think it could be a new trend emerging. Aside from the fact that your walls would have to be perfectly smooth or all your flaws will show, this looks really good.

These bold colors look great in a well lit room.


And what about these celings? These look hot!