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I know this one is overdone, but hanging pictures in your home is never gonna go out of style. Theres something really grand and attention grabbing about a large gallery of photos in your home. Thats why I want to take advantage of some of the wall space in my home and display some great art. Luckily, my woman, Diana is an amazing photographer and I’m going to be showcasing some awesome photos shes taking for me. Here’s some inspiration shots I am working off of.

I like the way the image on the left has a theme (clouds) and thats all they used in the frames. There’s something interesting about it. Its taking one subject matter and rather than give someone tons of different things to look at, you get to enjoy that subject matter in all its forms. I love the simplicity of it.

Again, the image on the right showcases one subject matter and lets off a relaxing mood. Great for a bedroom.

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