Emerald, the color for 2013

I’m going to say it, I called it last year that emerald was going to be the next thing that will be in for 2013. I went looking for an green sweater to wear to a wedding in the summer and I couldn’t find anything. Then I started seeing emerald trickling in the stores late fall. So I wasn’t too shocked to stumbled across blogs saying that Emerald is the color for 2013 and navy is out. Looks like my house is going to be out of style this year. Anyways, I want to show a few effective ways you can use emerald green in your home.

1. You can use it on your walls or as an accent wall. I would much prefer the use of an accent wall over all your walls as it can look very heavy all over. You would have to pump a lot of white furniture and artwork into the room to break up all the green for it to work properly.

2. Use it as an accent. This makes much more sense. Emerald is a very hard color to use if you do not have all that white to offset it. I recommend trying a few accent pieces ie. a chair, some drapes, pillows, a pattern fabric of sorts.

I don’t feel like this trend will last too long. I’m calling yellow in at the same time as green or shortly after.

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