Vintage Green Wine Jugs

Alright, so its been a couple weeks since Ive posted anything on my blog. I moved in here and still have tons to do but I havent been able to do much of anything because ive been so busy. My goal used to be to be done everything by mid november, but right now, I’d be happy if I can finish everything before christmas.

Anyways, during this summer, I used to frequent Aberfoyle Antique market with my friend Tanya and her mom. I dont know what possessed me to go the first time but Tanya said she loved doing it and invited me out one day. I decided to go and instantly thought, wow this is the shit. I will say, that way back when, people used to make some insane cool furniture and home decor and I recommend people go check it out. Sometimes you can get some great things for your…. like vintage green wine jugs.

Tanya had first mentioned these green jugs… she was looking for one for her front door to use as a deposit for loose change. And I dont know what gets into me, because the instant Tanya wants something, I want it too. So on the last day before they shut down the market, I found a green jug and not knowing what the heck I was gonna do with it, I bought it simply because I knew Tanya would want it. I dont know what got over me lol. I swear, if vendors at these markets would just hire people to pretend they are going to buy something, they would sell so much more stuff because people like me would go nuts trying to buy stuff before the other person does.

See below, said green wine jug.

It’s a great piece and one of probably a few I will buy because I’ve actually fallen in love with them. And here are some nice ways to use these Jugs in your home decor.

For plants. Loved this idea.


As a grouping for decor. This inspires me to get more of them because it looks great. Also, they pop in white interiors. I’ll post more of my great market finds soon. I got some really great stuff for the house and cant wait to show you guys.



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