Wall Coverings – White and Black Wallpapers

I’m a huge fan of bringing in patterns wherever you can and in our home renovation we did on Yellow Birch Drive, we used wallpaper here and there to create some visual interest in a room that would otherwise be stark. I think that the right wallpaper can help make a room feel way taller than it is. Vertical patterns rock for this and I’ve had my eye on this wallpaper from Cole and Sons since way back when I lived in my loft. Im thinking it works with the white theme.

I love that its wallpaper, but its “manly” and right now this is a bachelor’s pad! It is gender neutral tho and will work once a lady decides to move in with me ;) .¬†Also, I’m really loving the contrast of the black and white of this wallpaper so I hit the internet looking for other black and white wallpapers that I can use. Check em out!

Loving the stripes here.

The designer in me couldn’t resist. Type wallpaper from¬†Mr. Perswall

A more modern approach to wallpaper above. Love how clean it looks.

and check out this killer wallpaper from Iris Mascheck. WOW. These are all great options to use. I’d imagine walking into a space with this wallpaper and being blown away. Its absolute art.



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6 Responses to Wall Coverings – White and Black Wallpapers

  1. diana says:

    love all the black and white…especially the stripes!
    but i think a black and white stripe rug would be soo much fun too, if you dont do the wallpaper.

    ps. its up to you to decide…when you want the lady to move in ;)

  2. britt says:

    soo in the second last picture, is that like a plastic rug?

  3. phyllis mackenzie says:

    what is on the floor in the the middle?

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