Yes, I have experience lol

Some people have been asking me if I know what im getting myself into haha so I wanted to post the house my brother and I worked on for my parents. Last year my parents bought this cool house on Yellow birch Drive in Kitchener and we transformed it into a really beautiful home for them. Here are some shots from the renovation I thought you would like looking at. We had a substantial budget on this house, and it really needed the work. Im pretty sure the house had been vacant for a little while and pretty much abandoned.

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7 Responses to Yes, I have experience lol

  1. josh says:

    That’s some amazing improvements

  2. Kinga says:

    Amazing transformation James….clearly no one can question your skills now…

    • jprunean says:

      Thanks Kinga! Im sure you probably see a lot of this stuff with your husband working in construction. He does nice work too, seen his site. I wonder who designed it ;)

  3. Matt Miller says:

    What a team..Are you living upstairs while you re-do it?

  4. Lisa says:

    Wow. That is ah-mazing and just around the corner from where I live :)
    Nice job!

  5. Matt Miller says:

    Great work!

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